The Ghost Cat in the Attic


This is a very odd however real tale. Not everyone believes in ghosts but I do as well as I have had numerous experiences with the very all-natural, this is only one of my encounters acim.

This took place when I was just (8) 8 years old.

My bus motorist’s partner had a kitty as well as she wished to do away with it so she provided it to me very first and also obviously I took the female kitten from her. Currently this was the first pet cat that I can remember owning, she was a black and white pet cat and somehow I gave her the name Dozier. She was a really wonderful feline and she genuinely was mine because she was every where that I was.

Now we had a number of various other cats and also we had an issue with them entering our attic, felt like we could not maintain them out so we made a decision to put up boards in the places that they were entering with yet Dozier would always locate a way in. Now in my bed room there was a huge rectangular opening in the corner of the ceiling: now Dozier had found this hole and we began playing with each other with this opening as well as I would feed her if I had any kind of food in my space, she would remain there for hours as well as play with me.

We had this pet cat for possibly a year, we had her enough time for her to have a clutter of kittens. Regarding two weeks after her having her kitties my grandpa had found her dead in the road when all of us had mosted likely to the shop. Instead of hiding her he had just thrown her over the hill. When mama had actually finally determined to tell me that evening I was sad and also depressed since that pet cat and I were so close as well as I could not believe that my grandpa didn’t hide her.

Well we were left to look after her kitties. Days later after Dozier’s death I was sitting in my bed space doing residence work when unexpectedly I saw a black and white paw coming through the hole in my ceiling as well as not really assuming I rejoiced to see Dozier because my house job was hopping on my nerves and also I mosted likely to have fun with her. Now her death had totally slipped my mind as well as I was actually playing with her and also petting her then I relied on see if I had some food for her when instantly it hit me that she was dead and I fell flat on the floor trying to escape her and I busted my head on the flooring however the discomfort didn’t daunt me. I recalled up at the hole and also she was still there awaiting me to bring her something like she constantly did.

I mosted likely to my mom and also asked her to go outside and also call all her pet cats on the porch then I had her to come in the bed room and also she saw it to. This dead cat was still there. I was one frightened little lady then instantly I had recognized why she had returned to me, 2 factor for her return; one was to inform me good bye as well as the various other one was that she was not at rest. The following day when I came home from college I went over the hill where my grandpa had actually thrown her and located exactly what was left of her and I buried her in the hills and I never ever seen her once again. So I put her heart to remainder and also she was pleased and also had no reason to return.

Seeing a ghost is one thing however seeing one as well as touching one is something that you always remember. The reason that many ghosts attempt to get to the living is since they desire us to assist them to reach the opposite.

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